Frequently Asked Questions

What areas can you help with?

There isn’t any issue you or your loved-one is facing that we haven’t come across in our 28 years of counselling. We specialise in relationship and family counselling; anxiety, depression and mental health; addiction and rehabilitation; victims of abuse and domestic violence; and many other areas. To find out more, check out our counselling info.

Do you do anger management?

Our team are famous for saying, “Why would you want to manage anger, when you can be free from it?” At Life-Gate we understand anger is the result of a problem and not the problem itself. We won’t teach you to manage your anger, we will help you to discover the root cause behind your anger so that you can experience healing and freedom from anger!

Do you help anyone or only youth?

Yes! We help young children, teenagers and adults. We offer family counselling, couples counselling and one-on-one counselling for individuals.

What do you charge?

Thanks to the generosity and support of our financial partners, we are able to offer our services at no charge. Those who desire to make a donation to our charity may do so, but our heart is that your financial situation never prevent you from receiving the support and restoration you long to experience.

What can I expect in my first counselling session?

Your first counselling session will usually involve an ‘initial assessment’. We have some simple forms we like to take you through in your first visit to enable our counsellors to get to know you better. Not everyone who makes an appointment for counselling knows exactly what they want to share the first time they come, so the questions in our initial form also give you a starting point as you get to know us.

Do I have to be a Christian to get counselling from your organisation?

Simply put, no. We are eager to help people regardless of what you believe. We are always happy to share our faith – and the peace and fulfilment we’ve experienced from receiving God’s love – with those who are interested to know more about spirituality.