The COLOUR of HOPE is powerful art-therapy based program for at-risk youth.

Launched in 2012 with flexible learning students from McClelland College (Frankston) this 17 week program offers a combination of full-day workshops and weekly art classes combined with life-skills education, one on one mentoring and personal counselling.

The program aims to instil in each young person a sense of their personal worth and the hope to believe they can reach their potential in life. Our counsellors and mentors equip participants with the skills to overcome trauma and personal challenges and develop the character and resilience they will need to succeed in life.

In 2016 the annual COLOUR of HOPE Youth Art Exhibition was named the ‘Frankston Community Event of the Year’ in recognition of the incredible impact this program has in the lives of each young person who takes part.

COLOUR of HOPE: Mentoring Through Art …and what it’s all about!